Dipl. Ing. Klaus Machata

Dipl. Ing. Klaus Machata

Austria, KFV (Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit)

Road Safety Researcher


Electrical engineer Klaus Machata has been with the Austrian Road Safety Committee (KFV) since 1993. During 1996 and 1997 he worked for the European Commission (DG-TREN, now DG-MOVE). At KFV, he currently focuses on several areas - transport engineering, international relations, management of integrated safety programs for all modes of transport and work in working groups for road safety at the OECD and EU level. He was a member of the road safety mutual assessment teams for Russia and Lithuania and participated in twinning projects with Serbia, Ukraine and Egypt. He has also participated in several European research projects focused on road safety, such as BestPoint, DaCoTa, SUPREME, DUMAS, SafetyCube, RADAR and SABRINA. He represents Austria in IRTAD and ETSC PIN and is a member of the FERSI Executive Committee. He rides a bike daily, using the car only occasionally.

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