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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

9:30–10:00 Registration


Block at 10:00 – 13:00 Introduction of ambassadors and their stories


Welcome Speech
Ambassadors - Users. What’s the current reality of urban mobility planning?

Parish priest who was removed from social media for putting „inappropriate posts“ on the topic of public space.
Stanislava Veselková 

A citizen who must take an A-road for his daily bike commuting. Who can help deliver a cycle path for him?
Martin Riffler 

The role of marketing in transport and mobility (download HERE)
Petr Král, Prague University of Economics and Business


Ambassadors - experts, municipalities, representatives of expert associations
Specific initiatives trying to solve urban mobility issues. Presentation of the new certified SUMP 2.0 methodology – implementation in practice.

The joys and sorrows of parking policies (download HERE)
Petr Horský, Chairman of the Czech Parking Association 

How difficult it is to deliver a cycleway in urban areas (download HERE)
David Michalička, Mayor of Říčany

Plans vs reality in urban and active mobility promotion (download HERE)
Martin Buršík, Deputy Mayor of Příbram

180 Days of Opportunities campaign (download HERE)
Leszek Gryga, Urban Mobility Coordinator in Třinec
Ambassadors – Representatives of institutions 
After the conference, what changes can we expect in urban mobility?

Active mobility at the regional level
Vítězslav Schrek, Governor of the Vysočina Region

Road safety
Jan Gallo, Traffic Inspectorate of the CR Police

Money comes first (download HERE)
Milan Dont, State Fund for Transport Infrastructure

    Lunch break 13:00–14:00

    Block at 14:00–16:00 The Czech Republic as part of Europe 

    The story of Jihlava. How succesful is the implementation process of the new certified SUMP 2.0 methodology? (download HERE)
    Ing. Jaroslav Vymazal, Councillor for Transport of the Statutory Town of Jihlava
    Together, what can we change? The Government Urban and Active Mobility Concept 2021–2030 (download HERE)
    – Martin Kupka, Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic
    The Vienna Declaration which also includes the Pan-European Master Plan for Cycling Promotion 
    Austrian klimaaktiv mobil programme (download HERE)
    Robert Thaler, Head of Division for Active Mobility and Mobility Management, Ministry of Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Austria

    European Mobility Atlas in the Czech context (download HERE)
    Žaneta Gregorová, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (Foundation), Germany
    Cycling safety in the European context (SABRINA project) (download HERE)
    Klaus Machata, Austria, KFV (Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit)

    Coffee break 16:00–16:30

    Block at 16:30–17:30 Future mobility & Innovation


    The CityChangers conference is just the beginning. Invitation to Future Mobility (20 - 22 September 2022, Brno) (download HERE)
    – Petr Maliňák, Future Mobility project manager

    How is smart technology changing cities? (download HERE)
    – Andrej Pastorek, CTU Prague, Faculty of Transport

    e-bike PIT STOP (download HERE)
    – a representative of ALUKOV

    Švihé Synku Brno (download HERE)
    – Erik Nálepka

    RoadTwin (download HERE)
    – Daniel Beran

    EIT Urban Mobility (download HERE)
    – Marián Nič, e-bike charging stations (download HERE)
    – Jakub Ditrich

    Closing of the Day 1

    19:30 Gala Evening - Networking 


    Networking – Café Bar Sokolovna (DIOD), Tyršova 1565/12, Jihlava

    Wednesday, 18 May 2022

    8:30–9:00 Registrace


    Block at 9:00–09:45 Specific impacts and changes in the international and Czech contexts

    Introduction, context
    Radim Sršeň, Deputy Minister for Regional Development of the Czech Republic
    What the Czech Republic can learn from the Austrian klimaaktiv mobil programme. Experience and outputs from the study tour that took place on 8-9 March 2022. (download HERE)
    Olga Krištofíková and Dita Eyblová, Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic


    Block at 9:45–10:45 How the European transport network for cyclists can look like

    Transport network for cyclists in Slovakia (download HERE)
    Viera Štupáková, Regional Cycling Coordinator of the Košice Region, Slovakia
    Transport network for cyclists in Slovenia (download HERE)
    Gregor SteklačičNational Cycling Coordinator, Ministry of Transport of Slovenia
    Transport network for cyclists in Serbia (download HERE)
    Vladimir Djumic, Serbia, Danube Competence Center
    CYKLOVIZE 2030. Transport network for cyclists in the Czech Republic (download HERE)
    Vladimír Kroc, Regional Cycling Coordinator of the Pilsen Region


    Coffee break 10:45–11:00


    Block at 11:00–13:15 Cities of short distances. Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in context

    11:00  Organisational tools

    Coordination principles of the Urban and Active Mobility Concept 2021-2030 (download HERE)
    Vít Sedmidubský and Dita Eyblová, Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

    How to evaluate? Data infrastructure support  (download HERE)
    Hana Brůhová-Foltýnová, Institute for Economic and Environmental Policy, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem

    Good practice examples in urban and active mobility at the World Road Conference 2023 in Prague (download HERE)
    Dagmar Kočárková, CTU Prague, Faculty of Transport; Chair of SAMDI section in the Czech Road Society

    Innovation and SUMP – Outputs of the Dynaxibility4CE project (download HERE)
    Marlene Damerau, Rupprecht Consult

    Partnership for Urban Mobility project as part of the Urban Agenda for the EU
    Jiří Vlček, Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic
      12:00 Financial tools (soft tools)
    CityChangers initiative 
    Ondřej Běnek, Czech Partnership for Urban Mobility

    Vít Branda Award  (download HERE)
    Jitka Vrtalová, Czech Partnership for Urban Mobility  

    10,000 Steps challenge (download HERE)
    –  Sylva Machová, Czech Partnership for Urban Mobility  

    Activities of the Walk the City association 
    Petra Syrová, Chairwoman of the association

    Bike to Work campaign (download HERE)
    Vratislav Filler, AutoMat 
      12:45  Legislative tools

    Overview of proposed changes(download HERE)
    Vratislav Filler, AutoMat
    Closing of the conference programme

    13:15–14:15 Lunch

    Block at 14:15–20:00 Cycling tour around Jihlava and surroundings

    14:15 - 20:00
    14:15–16:00 Cycling tour along the new infrastructure for cyclists in Jihlava, incl. the new bike wash Aprikola/ in the sports and relaxation centre Český mlýn
    16:00–20:00 Cycling tour along the cycle route from Jihlava to Třebíč
    The cycling tour is held under the auspices of Jaroslav Vymazal, City Councillor for Transport of Jihlava.

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