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Jihlava EA Business hotel Jihlava 17-18 May 2022


EA Business Hotel Jihlava

 CityChangers 2030 Conference

People In Europe recognize they wish to live in safe, comfortable, and visually pleasant towns and cities. We all want to breathe fresh air, live active lives and not to be stressed by noise. As a continent, we expect to be climate neutral by 2050 and that's why we need to change the way we approach mobility and public space issues.

The Vienna Declaration, which was adopted on 18th May 2021 by 41 countries, including the Czech Republic, was an important step to achieve this.

The Czech Government's Programme Declaration is a promise that the topic of urban and active mobility will be promoted and will receive the deserved attention.

The Urban and Active Mobility Concept for 2021-2030 is the key strategic document, the main objectives of which we would like to see put into practice through specific actions and measures in line with the Vienna Declaration.

Let's break down the barriers together! Let's make the Czech Republic a country of short distances!



Projects are co-funded by the European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI).


Country of Short Distances

The Czech Republic is a country of short distances where every second trip is shorter than 4km and using a mix of railways and active mobility is a logical travel choice.

Therefore, both the existing transport infrastructure, and the urban public space need to be transformed, so that the needs of zero-emission mobility as well as the needs of people who want to move around and meet in public space are considered.

The last-year election has brought a new government for the Czech Republic which now has a unique chance to deal with the transport issues as a whole and to deliver the potential hidden in modern transport systems. In addition to the support for specific actions and measures, also public involvement and participation will be equally important.

To achieve the implementation of specific actions and measures for all parts of the Government's Programme Declaration for mobility issues, many obstacles must be overcome.
Let's do it together!



Admission to the conference is subject to REGISTRATION on the conference website.

The conference will be held as a hybrid one when the online access is HERE.


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The conference is held under the auspices of Martin Kupka, the Minister of Transport,
and Zbynek Horelica, director of the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFDI).