Ing. Vít Sedmidubský

Ing. Vít Sedmidubský

Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

Department of Strategy, Transport Policy and Clean Mobility Division


He has been working at the Ministry of Transport since 2004, part-time between 2004 and 2009 for having a concurrent job in the Transport Research Center since 1996. In the Transport Research Center, he was a team leader, when his team was developing a research project on basic principles of public transport system design. This project was one of the sources for transport planning at the Ministry of Transport.  He currently heads the Transport Policy and Clean Mobility Division at the Ministry of Transport. He led a team to prepare the Transport Policy in the Czech Republic for 2004 – 2013, 2014 – 2020, and 2021 – 2027 with a view to 2050. He also was a team leader for the development and discussion of the Freight Transport Concept, the Urban and Active Mobility Concept, the Water Transport Concept and the Air Transport Concept. Participated in the development and discussion of the documents on the development and financing of transport infrastructure - Transport Sector Strategy Phase 1 and Phase 2. Within the division, he is also responsible for the introduction of alternative propulsion in transport, environmental issues in relation to the transport sector and transport statistics.

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