Ing. Olga Krištofíková

Ing. Olga Krištofíková

Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

Department of Strategy, Transport Policy and Clean Mobility Division


She has been working at the Ministry of Transport for over 20 years.  For a large part of her working career she was involved in the coordination, organization and funding of research and development programs.  Currently, she is part of a team who most importantly focuses on the development of concepts with national scope, including the Transport Policy and Transport Sector Strategies 3, currently under preparation. Other key documents include the Urban and Active Mobility Concept which aims to transfer some of the Transport Policy principles to the regional and especially municipal levels of government; the Concept deals with the urban and suburban mobility issues, and is used as a methodological instrument for municipalities and regions in the process of sustainable urban mobility planning, with regard to defined categories of towns and cities; it also deals with active mobility and builds on the National Cycling Strategy, which ended in 2020.

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