Ing. Martin Buršík

Ing. Martin Buršík

Town of Příbram

Deputy Mayor

„Evolution, not revolution“


Politician at local level; he thinks the following about the urban mobility issue: "Towns and cities have been evolving for hundreds years, and the transformation can't be made overnight. Evolution, not revolution is the right way. But what can be revolutionary is our determination to confront entrenched stereotypes, educate, get inspiration from those ahead of us, and be patient in discussions with people of different views and opinions. We also need more teammates engaged to share the ideas and make them happen. Moreover, it is necessary to involve the young since one day, they will reap the "products" of what we think a city shall look like. Working together, we can move urban areas towards the form that is preferred by a growing number of people, and create smart cities with sustainable mobility, cities for healthy living."

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